The Writer’s Block Bookstore Application is now Open.

A Blue hexagon frames a stack of three books.Greetings Penguicon!
Authors of Penguicon, we come to you with news! We’ve heard your feedback that in past years we’ve opened applications for our Writer’s Block Bookstore late in the planning phase. We agree! We’re thrilled to announce that the 2024 Writer’s Block Application is open!!!
What is the Penguicon Writer’s Block?

The Writer’s Block is a convention hosted bookstore devoted to the promotion and sale of books by our Guests of Honor, Featured Guests, and attending authors.  Authors will Staff the Writer’s Block in 50 minute shifts to be on hand to help readers find just the right book. Authors must take on 2 shifts, at minimum and present one event at Penguicon (Author Reading counts), in order to have their books in our Bookstore.


The 2024 Writer’s Block will be located in the Elizabeth Ann Ballroom. The room will be set up on one side with furnishings to allow for a cozy bookstore experience, and on the other side, long tables and additional tables which will display the books for sale. It’s an official, cozy Penguicon Bookstore! Authors and literary fans are encouraged to hang out; the room will serve as a gathering spot for lovers of words and fans of Penguicon’s participating authors.

If you are an Author and want to participate in our Writer’s Block bookstore and even host your own Author Reading/Signing, you can now apply to do such. This application is open to any creatives who want to sell their books in our co-op bookstore; Novels, Novellas, Anthologies, Graphic Novels, Comics, etc. If you wrote/created it, you can apply!

Please check out our Writer’s Block Bookstore Application for detailed information and to apply! 

We are so excited for you to see the new space our Writer’s Block Bookstore will be in (Hint: First Floor – woooooooo)
Penguicon has amazingly talented Authors and we look forward to their Bookstore in 2024! If you have questions, email [email protected]