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Ticket prices are currently $85. If we sell enough of them before the event, we won’t have to raise the prices for at-the-door.

YES. This will be a fully-masked event. Penguicon has a larger-than-average contingent of at-risk attendees and staff members, and the choice was made to stay a fully-masked convention for 2024.


We had 2 options. Charge $75/80 and be transparent about the fees. Or charge $85/90 and make it look like we’ve raised prices when we would have been simply covering those fees ourselves. We understand it’s no fun, but this is the reality of ticket sales. At-the-door ticket sales will also have these fees.


Children 11 and under will receive a free badge (no fees!), but they MUST be badged, so that we can track down who they belong to in case they come unattached from their guardian.

Presenter/Maker/Staff Badge?

Please contact the person you’ve been working with, and they will provide you with a code for the $55 (plus fees) badge rate.