Guest of Honor Cancellation: Baha Blast

Hello, Penguicon.
Guest of Honor, Baha Blast, will no longer be joining us this year.
Why? In all honesty…
First, I completely neglected to follow up on communication that I should not have assumed had been handled. This is something a conchair should always be on top of, especially with Guests of Honor! I was not. They were understandably frustrated.
Second, when they came to me with safety concerns, I first misread the severity of those concerns, and though immediately offering the extra backup they requested, my response came through in a way that did not make them feel that their safety was my priority. I can not blame them in the least for this.
And so, sadly, this is an announcement to say that all of the Drag programming will be cancelled this weekend. I made decisions early on in the process and of which I should have foreseen the consequences, and this is the result.
Please make sure to support your favorite Drag Royalty, and show them all of the love that they clearly deserve. ❤
ConChair, PenguiCon 2024