Announcing our final Guest of Honor: Baha Blast (they/them)

Image of Drag Queen, Baha Blast on a sidewalk, with fall trees behind them, as they are dressed in a black jumpsuit shorts and thigh high, stockings with chunky boots. Baha Blast (27, They/Them) is Michigan’s Clown Shapeshifter; with 7 years in drag and even more in cosplay, this multi stage conquering clown is ready to make your day. Baha Blast is so named for their laugh (and of course, the drink) and is finally coming to Penguicon for the first time! They’re known for helping their local communities through Drag events and deep cleanings. They’ve done drag in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania- and soon enough, the Penguicon stage! Stay tuned for a release on their socials (@bahablastdrag) for what they’ll look like the days of the con. They’re super excited to be here and meet you all~